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ProConveyancing is a legal process outsourcing company with a global network of offices in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. ProConveyancing provides legal support services to conveyancing firms in the UK and uses world-class technology and infrastructure facilities with a focus on security, reliability and scalability.

You may be an established practice, seeking to strengthen your position, an emerging firm keen to grow your customer base or are experiencing a rapid increase in conveyancing work. Strategic partnership with ProConveyancing will provide clear benefits.

Our in-house conveyancing team consists of excellent lawyers who have a wide range of experience in processing conveyancing cases, start to end. Our legal team continuously mine, categorise, and review hundreds of thousands of conveyancing cases, based on highly subjective legal interpretation. Our lawyers are not only proficient analysts of the content of the law but are also very familiar with a variety of case management systems (CMS). ProConveyancing has an in-house corporate trainer who has several years of experience working for conveyancing firms in the UK.

ProConveyancing processes residential conveyancing cases in a manner that complies strictly with existing rules and practices of the SRA and CLC. Our Information Security Management System (ISO 27001:2013 – FS599452) and Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015 – IS612538) ensure that processing of all documents that include sensitive personal details, such as National Insurance Number, ID documents etc. are carried out with appropriate technical and organisational security measures. We adhere to the Eighth Data Protection Principle and we include Standard Contractual Clauses of the European Commission in the Service Agreement.

All data is held on secure servers hosted within the U.K. ProConveyancing serves conveyancing firms by following the SRA Handbook, including the Principles and Code of Conduct. We provide an excellent standard of service, avoid conflicts of interest, and keep your clients’ information confidential. This means you need not abrogate responsibility for compliance with the regulatory requirements by outsourcing to us. ProConveyancing strictly adheres to the requirements of 7.10 in chapter 7 of the SRA Code.