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Cost advantage: This is the most obvious and visible benefit of outsourcing. Conveyancing firms can get files processed at a low cost and high quality. Cost savings can be up to 70% by outsourcing.

Save on Infrastructure and technology: Conveyancing firms can save on infrastructure and technology when they increase volume by outsourcing.

Focus on core area: Firms can concentrate on core areas such as business development and other areas of the conveyancing.

Turn Around Time (TAT): Complete tasks at a quick pace and in a qualitative manner, helping conveyancing firms to complete transactions within 10-20 days. Our working model is to complete each task within 24 working hours and to manage seasonal variations of up to 50 percent in volumes.

Reducing overheads: Increasing manpower may increase efficiency, but by outsourcing conveyancing firms can increase volume by keeping manpower low.

Increase Volume: Enabling firms to exponentially increase their volume of conveyancing without sacrificing margins or increasing fixed/variable costs of conveyancing transactions. The case workers would be able to handle more files.

Supporting your business: We work the same hours as your staff to provide support and for immediate communication.

Boost Productivity: Outsourcing will free up the in-house team to engage more with conveyancing clients so the team will become a key part of the firm's business development strategy.

Save 75% of your working time: The following table shows a breakdown of the average workload and the percentage that can be saved by working with ProConveyancing.