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ProConveyancing - Services now available throughout the Nation

Keeping up with the demands of volume conveyancers for the last three years

London, 17 October 2018: ProConveyancing, a subsidiary of LSG is solely dedicated to serving conveyancing firms and remotely assisting them by carrying out various tasks and processing related documents. This is done using the firm’s software or without it, as per the specific needs of the collaborating firms. ProConveyancing deals with every kind of residential conveyancing service. This includes analysing and handling cases of Grants of New Leases, Transfers of Parts, Leasehold, Freehold, Remortgaging, Rights to Buy, Equity Transfer, New Builds and Action Purchases.

As of now, ProConveyancing has gained three years of experience working primarily with large firms in London, UK. This year marks the expansion of ProConveyancing’s services across the United Kingdom, reaching out to the rural areas as well. This nationwide expansion includes reaching out to small and medium scale conveyancing firms as opposed to large firms exclusively.

The demand for high quality conveyance and survey services exponentially increases across the world as the online real estate market continues to flourish. Andre L Wouansi, the Chief Financial Officer, LSG says, “Emerging trends in the real estate market and an exponential nationwide growth in the sector has significantly raised the need for experts handling conveyancing cases efficiently, saving time as well as cutting down the net cost.” ProConveyancing hopes to meet these demands while simultaneously surpassing existing standards for quality and nominalising the charges.

Timely delivery of services while strictly abiding by the rules and norms of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and the Council for Licensed Conveyancers are the keys to ProConveyancing’s excellence. The Eighth Data Protection Principle is strictly complied with and the principles and code of conduct in the SRA handbook are seen through at all times.

The reduced costs and generous discounts pave way and enable the firms collaborating with ProConveyancing stand out in the highly competitive market.

About LSG:

LSG has its offices located in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions and functions primarily as a business process outsourcing company serving clients located in over 50 countries. The company’s areas of focus include management of litigations, vendor and legal procurement.