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What we do



What we do

ProConveyancing can analyse and deal with all types of Residential Conveyancing cases including Freehold, Leasehold, Grant of New Lease, Transfer of Part, Re-Mortgage, Transfer of Equity, Auction Purchase, New Build, Right to Buy, Help to Buy. Our legal team is highly experienced in scrutinising the contracts, title of the property, search results, drafting legal documents and many more.

We process the documents or tasks allotted to us through the conveyancing firm’s software remotely. Legal work can be processed even without software. We work as per your requirement and in your preferred manner.

ProConveyancing follows a strict workflow policy. Once a team member has dealt with an assigned task, the completed task is forwarded to our QC team. Only after the second evaluation is the task returned to the conveyancing firm. Hence the chance of an error is minimal. However, as per clause 6 of the outsourcing agreement we safeguard our conveyancing firms from any loss, damage, liability or any claim due to the services provided by ProConveyancing.

ProConveyancing offers a tiered, fixed fee, VAT-free, pricing structure for conveyancing transactions and offers volume discounts for bulk transactions. Ultra-competitive pricing for conveyancing transactions allows your firm to compete effectively in a highly fragmented and competitive conveyancing market.